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dj livstræt
Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 10:37 am Reply with quote
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its a puredata patch, puredata installer to be found here:

patch here:


the patch is a very very slum 808 clone that sounds nothing like a true 808 but has structural similarities in the synthesis section. but this is were similarities end.

the bd sd hh and oh synthesis sections are cotrolled by their own 16 step sequensers, which enables you to program simple 1 bar loops.

the congas are controlled by a set of predefined puls sequences. this means that you cannot define the congas rythms yourself, you have to choose which pulse will control which conga. i selected some fun poly rythmical pulses, but you can define your own by changing values in the mod and sel objects inside the polycounter abstractions. thats nerdy huh?

the realm lords randomize the conga sectiones. the random value is multiplyed linearly upwards from conga 1 through to conga six to give pleasent polyrythms. these random polytrythms ground tempo is transposed "above" the bdsdhhoh section in a true 7th 16th.

nerdynerdynerdy, but fun!!!!

theres alot of room for improvement. the start stop buttons are in effect play/pause because i dont understand pd fully yet (having problems resetting floats). and i would like a random section for the bdsdhhoh sections, but again, the damn float object wont do as i tell it.
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Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:26 am Reply with quote
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woot woot! Reporting back tomorrow on usability and fun levels.
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