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I made this guide to make life easier for myself. I waste to much time on stupid stuff everytime i handle demos and upcoming releases. Stuff that the submitters should be more than capable of doing themselves.

This guide needs to be easy to understand. So suggestions or corrections are most welcome.

    You are reading this because you are about to contribute a demo for These guidelines will help you to understand exactly what
    you need to supply us with to make it as smooth and easy as possible for both
    parts. First of all thanks for your interest in us and for supplying your
    hard work to us. Second, to avoid any misunderstandings,
    releases FREE music as mp3 release packages. We may occasionally press real cd's/lp's, but for now you are applying for a "free to download" release.
    Please note that we are a non-profit organization. We do this parallel to the real world. Processing can easily take months so if you are impatient, simply choose another label!

    so here is the list of what you need to make ready for us:

    * The release must last a minimum of 15 min total playing time.

    * Mp3's must be encoded in AT LEAST 160kbps constant bitrate. And make sure all the tracks in your release has the same kbps.

    * Send the demo to: illphabetikcrew[insert@here]
    remove [insert@here] and replace it with a single @ . Yeah really Shocked

    * Not a necessity, but if you really wanna speed up things, get somebody (not yourself) to write a objective description/review of the work you're submitting

-------------------------------- All the steps below is only required for already approved demos

    * Cover art is a necessity for getting a release up on site. Please use jpg
    format. We only require the frontside, but a backside is most welcome. Please make the frontside quadratic and keep above 700x700 pixels. You don't have to bother making thumbnails, we'll fix that.

    * All tracks and cover art must be compressed in one zip/rar/tar file and be
    named "artistname - album". Send it to illphabetikcrew |at|, and we will reply back as soon as possible. File to big to send? Use a file sending service like one of the following: (max 100mb) *preferred* (max 500mb) (max 75mb) (max 300mb)

If for some reason you don't understand one or more of these rules, and you are confident that your music rocks, you could try your luck and submit the demo anyways.

We speak English, Danish and French, but prefer to get any correspondence in English please.

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