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WSicko wrote:
Maladroit , Dj Rainbow Ejaculation and Rank Sinatra Europe Tour 2009

Dj Rainbow Ejaculation, Rank Sinatra and Maladroit will be returning to the UK and Europe 6th of may till the 30th june.

For bookings contact:


Maladroit is a breakcore artist from Sydney. His hardcore influenced breakcore is known for exceeding speeds of 250bpm, a breakcore record. His work samples extensively from pop songs, ska and other electroacoustic genres. However unlike other artists who employ the popmash, he combines songs at breakneck speeds and with little concern for royalties owed to the artists he samples from. Some of his tracks can employ as many as 90 copyright protected songs over a five minute period. He has released on labels as Core-Tex, System Corrupt, Bruchstellen and Hong Kong Violence. He once claimed to have invented the amen break, however this claim is unsubstantiated and is widely dismissed by experts in the breakcore sector.
ep for download here :

Dj Rainbow Ejaculation

Just when you thought it was safe to enter the Discotechque, Dj Rainbow Ejaculation storms into the Dark Rooms of the nation under one groove with a fist full of lube and an unquenchable taste for man-juice. Easily the gayest record in history, DJ Rainbow Ejaculation’s debut 12” is a shocking display of bad taste smeared with candy-colored vomit. Disco, happy hardcore, gabber, breakcore, and house music all get more chopped into a fancy collage of teenage innocence and knowing innuendo to a throbbing beat of hormones gone wild.
With releases on Cock Rock Disco, Death$ucker and System Corrupt/Goulburn Poultry Fanciers Society.

DJ Rainbow Ejaculation’s Homepage

Rank Sinatra

“Imagine a karaoke bar in which the microphone is permanently in the hands of one of the demons out of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, who is singing through a distortion unit. The backing tracks are subjected to all manner of sonic indignities so that at times they sound like they're coming from a shortwave radio stuck in a room of malfunctioning fax machines. Listening to it all in one sitting may result in neurological damage.”
Peter Marsh BBC :
Solo material released as Rank Sinatra includes Chairman Of The Bored (Vvm/Test Records) and the current vinyl release Pack Rat (Hirntrust Grind Media). Rank Sinatra has also appeared on numerous other compilations and collaborative releases, including Vicki Bennett’s recent Smiling Through My Teeth project for the Sonic Arts Network.

Rank Sinatra Homepage
On V/Vm Test.
Hirntrust Grind Media.

WSicko wrote:
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