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This maybe a tad late, but a bunch of us are performing at Stalingrad (Stengade, 30) along with other great artists this Saturday. The event is called "Norberg Modul"

The following people from illphabetik are perfoming:
Charlie Campari

And Vituel and JensRobot as VJ's

Oxy Action

We are very happy to announce that Oxygenfad is here with his second illphabetik release! And it's definately worth listening to.. - As always ^^


The braingore section is up'n'running again. And don't bother asking where vol 4-7 went :)

Swallowing Nails

DJ TRAUMA has some nice underground breakcore/darkstep radio shows up on Download or stream avaliable along with playlists for most of the broadcasts. Zombie surfing the net? do it with insane background music!

Yet another

This week it's time for "Overthruster" to mess with you. With quite an impressive back catalog (around 60 releases!), it was just a matter of time before it was our turn :). Go visit this link for the rest of his releases.

A new release

New E.P. release by new danish member "Ultratron"

2 new releases

New release up by canadian "Mithra", and american "Nukage".Both highly anticipated by us at ill, and most def worth your bandwidth ;). Most of the site bugs are gone, though the gallery still wont do as we tell it to. The braingore section is still offline, BUT it can be reached temporarily at this URL...

New site online

Finally the page is done. Its public but dont be to suprised if you find an error. New features include, webshop, "working" gallery, site implemeted forum and braingore library, updated profiles, 9 new releases and the promise to keep on serving the hungry downloaders out there. First of all i would like to appologize for many wrong predictions about when the site would become public. Second of all i wanna thank all the people invovled in this project. My good friend Werk that bassicly built the code for it all as a friendly favour, deserves the biggest thank you. We also welcome our new members; Randomatik Blast, Sonictwist and Apzolut. All ready with releases in the mp3 section. We have a lot of new treats for you people to go along with the smashing design by vituel. ROCK ON!!!

And btw it appears there are some design errors when trying to view the page in Internet Explorer. Nothing to serious though. It will be fixed as soon as possible.

Old news

All previous posts... is gone. yup all gone.

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