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7 new ones, hell YEAH!!!

Now that the storm has settled after lots of work with the gig, a lot of new releases for your harddrive has found it's way to the mp3 section. Seven to be excact. We welcome the new artists; Tunefreak, Yinx Knight and DJ RedSkeye. And thanks to Choplifta, Retape, Overthruster and Porngroove for releasing great stuff for illphabetik once again. We deliver and hope that you'll enjoy!

Project Mayhem

Now our gig date is set. The gig is going to take place at Zum Biergarten in central Copenhagen on the 21th this month.

It\'s gonna rock

UPDATE: If you wanna a fast introduction to what this is about, drop by -MA-MUSIUK!-

rawclaw han pwner dig

Quote: Laptops are boooooring on stage, bring your gear!!

New stuff

Hello everybody, a lot has happened lately, we have been busy trying to get together a gig for the end of July, it's almost 100 procent sure, but shit can still happen, as it usually does, so stay tuned for more info on that one!

While you're waiting you can immerse yourself into two new regular releases, namely porngroove's nice and diverse sounds, and Les Sécrétions Romantiques ADHD suffering amen breaks!

Also three new braingore mixtapes has been uploaded, we are talking beautifull Ketamin stricken nature(?) sounds from paccer and Rawclaw's clicktape, and two split sessions from me and JR. One is very breakcore oriented and the other is a kind of Autechre interpretation of the game Starcraft.

Mithra is no more

It's a sad day in illphabetik history. Our beloved Mithra has thrown in the towel. It's a downer that a gifted musician doesn't get the recognition he needs. His music seemed very thought through, deeply personal and unique. It's pretty obvious that i was very fond of his tunes.
Mithra, I thank you for contributing to illphabetik, and for making us look better :) . I hope, despite your announcement, that you will come up with a track or two on rare occasions.

Read the blog and maybe leave a comment on his myspace profile here:

Mejlgade for mangfoldighed '07

20-22 DJ Brix
22-24 Peter Z
24-03 Noianiz

Goto this link for more info

BastardBash @ Stengade 30 - d. 16/5

WOW - BastardBash @ Stengade 30 Northside of Copenhagen, may 16th, for the humble price of 60 DKR - All the hit singles and the expensive music video footage will be played - or something... Just show up partyfuckers!

check for more info

Komputerwolf Festival '07

The Komputerwolf festival is just around the corner, and it sure sounds interesting. It's being held in Kolding, DK. Entrance is only 20 DKR!. That's not alot for music, workshops and a outdoor cinema.
NOTE: Click the picture for a more readable image size.

Donate button

It seems that people may not have discovered that a donate button has apeared on this frontpage ;)

But there it is folks. The button. Looking good and beggin for you to press it.

Oh, and you should definately go checkout the new ILL019. Raw Québec power from our talented Mithra


The wonderful Massju has recently released a remix compilation of his track "Mer (Phobia)" on his newly started net-label "". - The compilation includes a remix from our very own JR. This is some dope shit and definitely worth a listen! Go to

2 New ones

New EP releases by Chronic Malfunction and Oxygenfad. Stay tuned for more trax soon!

A New one

New EP release up by Randomatik Blast & Les Sécrétions Romantiques.

2 New ones

2 new releases added. One meconium EP + one Overthruster EP. Have a nice weekend, sickos.

Firefox Vs. IE

We are happy to announce that Firefox has taken the lead as the visitors favourite browser on this site. Fuck Internet Explorer, and the monopoly of Bill Gates!
Join the winning team by getting Firefox HERE
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Foreign Sound Presents

2 New

Heads up! Now is the time. Two - count them, two new releases from the crew. This time is different, cuz now we enjoy remixes from "Lisbent" and completely new sounds from the farside of the "Contagious Penile Malfunction". This is not pure breakcore - but a lot more. New tracks from an IDM'ish side of "Lisbent" and tech-sound from "CPM". Give it a listen and come back for more!!


Friday the 2nd, and Saturday the 3rd is crackcore weekend at "Turbinehallerne" (Copenhagen, DK). Lisbent and Rawclaw from Illphabetik will be performing as part of a wicked line-up. More info here and here (official)

New release

New stuff up by rawclaw (ILL017). There is a good chance that you might have been sampled somewhere in all of the chaos.

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