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Finally, after lots of delay the ill040 is in the house. A compilation with lots of great music. If you have a bandwitdh limit from you ISP, you don't really care about this site, or you just want to test us out, make sure this is the release you download.

Preperations for the next compilation is already being made. You can find all the info on that here

newly new new

Since Mithra's CDC1+2 was announced, another 9 releases have been published. So once again the illphabetik team is proud to hand you a big handfull of free quality-releases. This time with releases from +1, Severin Von Haubtkopf, meconium, INvbaei, Tunefreak, plus new artists Otpei, Pronoxis, and woulg. Find them for free download in the "Releases/mp3"-section.
A new braingore mixtape has also been uploaded. Vol. 12 by tunefreak, a very nice 8bit (hyperspeed) set. Also bgmixtape 4 by Sduus has been reuploaded. Watch out for more soon.

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