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Not dead, w00t

After a long silent period, we thought that the news section needed a little update, and luckily we got lots to say! The iLL crew is proud to welcome Ruby My Dear and Monolog on the label with their newest EPs available in the mp3 section. Also be sure to check out meconium's newest release "Rehab Schmehab" and other goodies that were released over the past few months, including stuff from Lisbent, Pouk Pouk Poudoum, Severin Von Haubtkopf, Oxygenfad, The Scythian, Wolfseule, Akwalek and of course all the awesome artists appearing on the "Left Behind" compilation.

In other news, i'm now in charge of the demo submissions and will make sure that everything sent to the demos mail will have a response as soon as possible. I discovered lots of great artists in the process (CJ Clip, Pizza Circus, Aermneme, Genus Inkasso) and potential releases are scheduled to be out soon. Up next, the Pimp My Blast Compilation, a collection of Randomatik Blast remixes and more! That's it for now, enjoy the new releases MANIACS!

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