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Santa has left 2 gifts in the mp3 section :o)

Day of Wrath





Day Of Wrath

On Thursday 10 November get mad excesses celebrated, 
the notorious

Japanese accelerator core artist Maruosa guests Denmark,
with its unique almost
psycho-political noise.

Born in Osaka, Japan. MARUOSA ice world's
only extreme laptop musician.
HE started this project and own label
"RENDAREC" on 1999, relased debut album
"EXERCISE AND HELL." and releases somebody
 works and compilations in the world by primitives.
And toured U.S., Europe and United Kingdom from 
2003 to the 2006th
han er invitert two media art festival
"Club Transmediale" in Berlin on the 2006th
in Ireland, one of the audience got 
excited och var Fractured spine.
On 2008, toured Europe and United Kingdom
 (10 lande, 25 gigs) again, er inviterttwo "SONAR"
"Roskilde Festival", "Supersonic festival"
and a lot of festivals.
Autumn of the year, er invites two 
"THIS IS NOT ART / Electrofringe" and
 somebodygigs in Australia.
on 2009, toured Europe for the 3
hours, er invitert two Japanese art biennale.
"L'Experience Japonaise 2009" in France.
On 2010, toured the U.S. and Kina, er
 invitert two SXSW and somebody gigs.
också ice running with Bong-Ra as
"DEATHSORM" from the 2008th
The Danish death metal terror experiment
"Murderer" also supports up how
far you can move the border between music and organized

Copenhagen's own Lisbent which is 
almost impossible to define, there is 
certainly set up for everything from 
hard core breaks and psykedellisk
Dj Ellisiv
Dj Ellisiv the last known for the
phenomenal heating up to
Captain Ahab will open up this anger tonight.  


this just in

The Scythian has blessed us with an unholy awesome record. Get it for free in releases. Hint: It's ill054, oh my

We have another treat for you all.
First, My Gloomy Machine has just made crazy mix of ALOT of illphabetik stuff.
Grab it here
Second, Other illphabetik representing-head banging-and-totally-rad mixtapes have emerged from the unknown. Get em all while they are hot at thistext

label showcase compilation

  So we are already hard at work, writing tracks for a new compilation. Wait waht huh?

Thats right!  But i might have to let some of you down already. I know many people want us to do more compilations... and in time we will, but for this we wont need "public" submissions. The compilation is stricly internal.

So why am i writing this?
Well a little heads up wont hurt anyone. Besides there is a little special thing about this i neglected to mention. We are not gonna release this on illphabetik, but instead we hope that other net-labels will release it. Which ofcause they will want, cuz album is going to be killer ;)
We are hoping to get label demos from weirdandwired, sociopath recordings, Splatterkore Reck-ords, crazy language

I wanna encourarge ANY other net-label out there, to use this "concept". Maybe even send a label showcase demo in our direction ;)

1MORE NOTE.  Label demos will be subject to the same conditions as ordinary demos ofcause. And we expect the same treatment for our work when ready.

oh and btw

FYI all mails is down for the time being.

Demos can be send directly to our illphabetikcrew gmail

2 (3?) new releases

Oh Hai thar

Im here to tell you that 2 brand spanking new premiumgrade™ releases has just been added to the youknowwhere section.... and woops somehow ill077 travelled thru space and time and somehow managed to release itself before schedule.... which ofcause is awesome for all you lisbent bangers out there. We will leave it be so all of you can enjoy this truly fascinating species.

Virtual Crack Distribution Services

May i borrow a bit of your time?

Really? Ecellent!

Then if you would kindly go here and check out the diverse range of awesome music made freely availible for you to enjoy, It would totally make my day!




2 new releases made public yesterday. First is an EP from My Gloomy Machine (The Centrifuge, Sociopath Recordings, WeirdAndWired). Second one is by Kikaruu, new guy with lots of skill. We welcome you and hope you like being here, even though its all virtual and there is no actual water-cooler around here for getting acquainted. World is turning more and more virtual less and less real so it shouldn't matter ;)

en, to, tre

2 new releases, and another one to follow tommorow. All danish stuff, and no not the bagel or whatever the badge wearing guys eat ^^


New improved über super ultra illphabetik site is finally here.
Update consists mostly around stuff that visitors wont actually see. But there is still a bunch of stuff you'll first notice.

A completely updated profiles section, with tons of previously unlisted artists. We've tried gathering, or rather copy/pasting what info we could get about them including pictures, links and whatever ramblings we could find online. Also the profile now conveniently lists which illphabetik releases they've made.

In addition releases are now equipped with official release date and a brand spanking new download counter. Sadly the download counter cant calculate what was before its own creation. Similar to how time travel is very unlikely.

And there's a bunch of other stuff too, but the most exciting element is the new user-friendly administration panel. I'm not gonna cover that here, but basically it makes updating and maintaining the site a quadrillion times easier for us.
As some may have noticed things have been going a little slow around, saaay the last 2 years. Part of the reason was that I was extremely fed up with all the tedious task that updating/maintaining the site required. The code was unfinished from the day we launched it and a great deal of my frustration was the tasks of carefully editing BIG files with a ton of stuff i didn't quite understand, but enough to fiddle in the update. In fact illphabetik was not supposed to be a one-man show, and it sure hasn't been, but ultimately one guy had to be "in charge". I could whine for hours but you probably don't give a fuck. Point is i don't want to be that guy anymore! And this thing called illphabetik, that MANY people have loved and hated since 2003, for some reason just wont die :)
So as of now, illphabetik has been equipped with the tools necessary to be run 100% by the community (batteries not included). So current/ex members can expect details on this sometime soon. We are also "recruiting", but more on that another time.

Keep it ill!


scchhh! did you hear that?

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