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Hi all, just wanted to let you know i've done a little cleaning up. is avaliable to public, and has been for last year or so. Added all our old wallpapers as the old links on there were deader than dead.

And thanks to Joe, the link for ill001 is working again. I blame someone else for screwing it up in the first place ;)




 Progress is slow at illphabetik. Luckily we will never stop releasing whack stuff for the small amount of people not using itunes. And yes i know itunes plays our mp3's but you get the idea.
Music is still free here!

Anyways I just wanted to give sound and say thanks to the people sending us demos. Both new and old people. Seb is the inbox commander, making sure people get replies. Awsum!

Bigup Collothen, Yinx and Helico
Welcome back
also big welcome Koroiev

New music online tonight at some point! stay tuned.


Oh and completely unrelated. Stainless software has recently gotten all their rights to the carmageddon name back in their rightful possesion, and they are making a new carmageddon game!!!!  based on crowd funding with no major publisher to hand them their own ass this time. less than 24 hours left, already way over the preset goal.
If you're like me and enjoy driving into cows and old ladies at 200mph just to watch them go splat, then you will already know what carmageddon is.
Aah the days of DOS gaming. good times 


Out soon : 2 new ambient releases from Collothen & Koroiev, A groovy-funky-electronic album from Plasma Face & 2 new EPs from the noisy breakcore artist Yinx Knight! Stay tuned!

ill056 | ill057

2 New Releases on iLLphabetik!!!
Let your mind drip with Aestate's groovy/ambient release ''Amount 3.20''
And get your ears fucked with Don'ttouchmebitch!'s Exprimental/Motherfucking/Breakcore release ''The Last Songs On This Little Planet''! FREE DOWNLOAD of course and always will be!


dont feel the need to join the strike, and you probably cant go anywhere on the web today without noticing . go there now.


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