By creating audiovisual transformations without any compromise AESTATE have positioned themselves somewhere between art and club, culture and party. Since founding the project in 2006 Chris Huff and Sven Piayda have produced three full length albums, a mumerous digital EPs, a remix album as well as a live DVD. The members had been working together since 2002 on different projects and use a great pool of styles and influences which are linked in a complex way in AESTATE. 

They are often labeled as electronica or idm while their constantly changing sound generates abstract grooves as well as technoesque straightness or even post rock compositions. Huff and Piayda consider their sound as universal, generative and constantly changing.

AESTATE have played live since 2006 (from 2008 on with visuals) at venues and festivals as Dortmunder Museumsnacht, Forum Freies Theater, FZW Dortmund, Ruhr In Love, Audiodigitale, Raumlaborberlin’s Opernbauhütte, Bitstream, Kaue and Kunsthaus Essen to name a few. 

in 2009 they formed with friendship artists the group AESTATEvisual and exhibited the visual output like digital prints, embroidery and video (but no sound) in their hometown essen.

since 2011 they open their sound to analogue instruments and changing line-ups, in studio and audiovisual live.

AESTATE have been releasing on labels like Digital Kunstrasen, Crazy Language and their own Zany Music. The goup is based in Essen, Germany.