Half Arubian, half Dutch, settled in Nijmegen.
I was a drummer in a grind/noizecore band called Extreme Assault in Aruba, later i came to live in Holland. Had a project called Smoke (tapes destroyed). A few years ago i helped some friends with starting up the label Lomechanik. In my live arrangements you can expect a combination of jungle, electrocore, breakcore, metal. Played live with: Arovane, Knifehandchop, FFF, Venetian Snares, Bong-Ra, Pisstank, Duran Duran Duran and others…
My first release was on the full length album “No One” with all the artists of Lomechanik.
My second release was a split 12” called “Donkey Basketball” with the artist “The Smoke Cella”.
Third release was a 7” called “Rub Disturbly On This”.
Apzolut also appears on: Rawpikzl Video Oost 1.0 DVD. (clips) N.E.W. CD. Popronde 2004 CD.ccc