Chronic Malfuntion
Chronic Malfuntion

Born in 1973 in the Netherlands, making music since I was about 14 years old when I learned myself to play guitar on my mothers mandola, a bigger version of a mandolin with 4 double strings which I tuned as a guitar.

I played in various metal bands, playing the harder styles of metal, something I still do today with my band OXL.

In 1991 I visited my first "house party" and I thought that was the most bizarre thing ever (could it be caused by the drugs?), I never heard so many strange sounds in one evening and from there on, there was no turning back. They used to play a lot of UK hardcore (the breakbeat stuff), at those early raves in the Netherlands, that’s where I picked up my love for breakbeats, something I never got rid of again.

In 1993 my friend Roger and me finally could afford to buy two cheap turntables and a mixing panel and started DJ-ing, mainly gabber and hardcore. Together we used to play in Germany in a club called “Far Out” and did some gigs in the Netherlands with psychosquad, both in the mid nineties.

I started making electronic music as soon as I could get my hands on a Comodore Amiga with pro-tracker. Been doing that ever since. I bought some hardware through the years (and of course an Atari ST because they were cheap at that point) but I rarely use that anymore because, well, today’s software is just so much more convenient for me.

The style of music I currently produce is breakcore, heavily influenced by gabber I guess. If not let me know. People seem to make a big fuzz out of music styles or so it seems :-).

Besides music, my hobby, I had a lot of jobs and yesss, they all sucked. Nowadays I work for a computer company, coordinating business processes etc. It also sucks but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, hahaha.