At the age of 12 or so, I saw a completely different side of music as the Prodigy single Breathe was released. After having gathered an impressive collection of Prodigy-releases, I decided to explore other types of electronic music. I soon became interested in different artists releasing on the label “Warp” and since then a lot of artists have won my attention. Since those early days I have wanted to make music on my own, but have never known where to start or how to invest money, until i joined forces with StRAiT / JR. He taught me how to use CubaseSX in the summer of 2003. Since then I have been making a lot of different sounds and still am. My goal is to keep it electro... So try listening up, you might just like it. Stay tuned for more nais tunes...

Contact: nais [at]

Aliases: Jumponjovi | Contagius Penile Malfunction

In Groups: Bulletdodgers

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