RedSK is my main operating alias. I make mostly noise music but I've dabbled in every genre thinkable. A lot of my recordings are purposely annoying, repetitive, sudden, unpredictable, or intentionally cliche, recorded live, recycled from other recordings or sounds manipulated beyond recognition. I've been getting into beats and structure a lot more lately while trying to keep it freeform at the same time. RedSK is best listened to through a car system or headphones. Or not. I've got over 300 releases to date on over 50 different netlabels/physical formats. Always up for collaborating with other experimental artists or doing splits. Always up for compilations or debuting on new labels. I record roughly 12 songs per week. I love cats. I'm kinda racist (in a funny way).
I run the TRASHFUCK NET, Non Quality Audio, Nerdcore Michigan, and Piss Free Tapes labels.
I'm the former DJ RedSkeÿe, and I'm in over 70 other bands/side projects.
I'm probably a lot better than you or anyone on your crappy label but I still dig it. Support support support.
Hit me up for shows.
I'm done talking about myself.

Aliases: DJ RedSkeye

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