The Scythian
The Scythian

Some would say he's a schizophrenic/alcoholic modern-day Edgar Allen Poe. Others might call him a psychological/verbal terrorist. Unfortunately, The Scythian himself, doesn't really exist. He is an apparition of cyberspace. An embodiment of a nine inch rubber dildo that refuses to be removed from the tight asses of elitist swine. A sociological experiment unleashed by his creator John D. Schoeneman.
An outlet for repressed neurological activity.

You must be careful in your interpretations of anything regarding The Scythian. You must remember that he is a figment of your imagination. Your judgments will say more about you than they will ever say about him.

"To remember and embrace the past is one thing. However, to stay stuck in it like a pig in shit, is to be forgotten in the future." -The Scythian

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